IEEMA New paradigms

The new paradigms in power T&D

Industry body Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) recently held its annual convention in Mumbai. The convention, which anchored around the theme “Go Global,” sought to create a roadmap for Indian electrical equipment manufacturers to turn globally competitive. An eminent panel not only deliberated on the said theme but also imparted keen insights on the changing dynamics in the Indian power T&D sector. This special story is based on gleanings from this panel discussion.

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Comparative Study of LT Power Capacitors

Baldev Raj Narang

Baldev Raj Narang, in this technical article, explains the various types of low-tension (LT) capacitors.The three types of LT power capacitors have their distinctive features. The purpose of this article is to present a clear technical comparison of the different types to enable users to make an informed selection, after taking into account the superiority or otherwise of various performance parameters of the three types. Oil filled MPP (metalized polypropylene) construction is not discussed because it is very uncommon. Oil causes erosion of zinc layer over a period of time due to chemical reaction, thus most of the manufacturers employ resin-filled MPP construction.


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TRIL is now an established supplier of 765kV transformers

Jitendra Mamtora

Established in 1994, Transformers & Rectifiers (India) Ltd, popularly referred to as T&R or TRIL, is a leading Indian transformer manufacturer having a wide product range. It is also a leading exporters, catering even to developed countries. Jitendra Mamtora, Chairman, Transformers & Rectifiers (India) Ltd, in this exclusive exchange with T&D India, reviews the recent performance of T&R, apart from sharing insights on industry-related issues. Mamtora feels that T&R, having supplied over 30 power transformers of 765kV rating, is emerging as a quality and reliable supplier.

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CRGO issues still haunt transformer industry


Cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) steel is a critical input in the transformer industry. However, CRGO has had a very difficult time in the Indian transformer industry—for a variety of reasons.

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