New Products

New Grundfos pumps with IE5 motor

Grundfos India, a manufacturer of energy-efficient pumps, has announced the launch of its new range of Hydro MPC pumps with the IE5 motor. The Grundfos Hydro MPC booster systems are of very high standards and combining this with the IE5 motor, which is integrated with a frequency converter, connects the accumulated pump experience of Grundfos into the dedicated control software. This combination of pump and customizable software optimizes your system’s performance for any load point, delivering an unsurpassed reduction of energy consumption. The IE5 motor helps in energy conservation of up to 7 per cent and a reduction in the payback time of these controlled pumps. Grundfos Hydro MPC booster systems can be used wherever additional pressure is required.  The Hydro MPC pumps with IE5 Motors will be available with systems that are pre-configured from the factory with variety of pump sizes to increase water boosting, a release from Grundfos India said.


Sterling and Wilson launches IAQURE, expands its HVAC offerings

Sterling and Wilson, has announced the launch of a revolutionary solution – IAQURE, aimed at changing the face of indoor air quality (IAQ) in India. This pioneering solution has been designed to not only ensure a germ free environment, but also have a positive impact on employee welfare.

IAQURE comprises of innovative modules that have been designed for dual decontamination, of both air and surface, to ensure not only higher kill rates (germicidal), but also a superior performance. In addition to new projects, the modules also address the constraints usually seen during retrofit applications, and allows it to be an ideal solution for existing projects or buildings. Furthermore, the PCO technology which forms a part of the solution neutralises the VOCs (Volatile organic compound) that are extremely carcinogenic and can be found in indoor air, a company release said.

IAQURE has been recently GreenPro certified by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) under the innovative category. The objective for the certification is to encourage product manufacturers and facilitate a green product market transformation. The product or solution that bears the GreenPro label is environment friendly throughout its life cycle, and empowers a customer to steer towards sustainable products and solutions.

The solution has been extensively tested at Sterling and Wilson’s lab in Pune, incorporating best in class, time tested technology. Compact, modular and state of the art, IAQURE provides a quick and easy installation, which is plug and play, without requiring any field wiring – ideal for projects, both new and old, across sectors.

Available as 3 or 5 years’ solution contracts, IAQURE matches the Global Standard IAQ. It comes with Sterling and Wilson’s world class project management and execution capabilities, along with a pan India presence and service network for aftermarket support, the release added.

Siemens launches new PLC for high-voltage substations

The new Siemens PLC can replace a number of conventional PLCs

Siemens has launched PowerLink IP, a new power line carrier (PLC) system for digital high-voltage substations. This brand new PLC system uses the high-voltage lines between the substations as a channel by overlaying a modulated carrier frequency on the frequency of the transmission voltage in the overhead lines. State-of-the-art, digital substations generate ever-increasing volumes of data that are used to ensure reliable network operation. With PowerLink IP, power grid operators can enjoy the benefits of digitalization for Ethernet/IP communication via overhead lines. Siemens provides proven PLC technology for this purpose – technology which meets the demand for more bandwidth and ensures that the constantly growing volumes of data in high-voltage substations can be used for efficient grid operation.

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Luminous forays into modular switches

Luminous recently announced its entry into the modular switch industry. The launch further strengthens Luminous’s ambition to serve the ever evolving electrical & power needs of home consumers in India. With a series of exciting new launches and product upgrades in the pipeline, Luminous aspires to be the most attractive switches brand in the country, a company release said.

Luminous Zolio range

Luminous modular switches have a world class pedigree and offer the consumers highest levels of quality and functionality. The designs and colour present some unique style options to consumers.

Luminous has also launched a unique initiative in the category to provide expert advice at the doorstep of consumers building and renovating homes. The key features of the initiative are: (1) Doorstep Service – A Luminous Customer representative will be available at your doorstep to showcase the premium range of Luminous modular switches; (2) Access to Luminous verified top interior designer in the consumer’s city.

New dewatering pumping solutions from Grundfos India

Grundfos India, a provider intelligent and efficient pumping technologies, has launched reliable dewatering pumps, DPK and DWK, aimed at easing the way of life while restricting the economic losses. These compact submersible pumps can dewater effectively. DPK & DWK can be used not only in homes, offices, gated-communities but also at construction sites, excavations, tunnels, underground parking, industrial drainage pits, and more, hence making it a perfect solution for all the water logging and drainage related issues during the monsoons, a release from Grundfos India said.

The DPK and DWK range of dewatering pumps are conceptualized and engineered after going through many levels of stringent tests. They come with intelligent features such as          built-in bi-metal sensor that protects against overheating of the motor. The pump’s working is unhindered by sand or other abrasives. The pumps also work in situations of limited power supply, the release added. (Photo shows Grundfos DPK pump model)

New KEOR series of UPS from Numeric

Numeric, a Legrand Group brand, has announced its highly efficient, easy to deploy, compact new KEOR series of three phase UPS comprising Keor HP and Keor HPE. With flexible operating modes for large facilities, datacenters and business-critical applications, the new range allows users flexibility of extending its range from 60 kVA to 4.8 MVA, a release from Numeric said.

Keor HP and Keor HPE by Numeric are designed with advanced technologies and latest generation components. It has a 3-level IGBT inverter design that helps to improve the inverter efficiency and overall efficiency thus reducing the operational expenses. High input power factor & Low THDi reduces the cost of electrical infrastructure. Multi DSP controller in the products helps the UPS to respond faster. The uniqueness of the UPS’s lies in its flexibility to offer with or without an inbuilt transformer thereby giving full flexibility to the customer to design his solutions. This makes Keor HP and Keor HPE suitable for both IT and Industrial application.

Keor HP and Keor HPE offer flexible energy storage solutions with options for in built and external battery banks. Additionally, Keor HP and Keor HPE features top and bottom cable entry, full front service access and back to the wall installation making it one of the easiest UPSes in its class to deploy, install and maintain. Intended for use in large datacenters and colocation facilities, the Keor HP and Keor HPE can offer solutions between 60 kVA to 4.8 MVA requirements, making it ideally suitable and scalable for the power requirements of such facilities, the release added.

Grundfos solar pump with intelligent features

Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd has launched Smart Solarz, a solar pump for domestic use. This solar powered self-priming pump was conceptualized, designed and manufactured in India. Smart Solarz is lightweight, easy to install and the wet parts of the pump are made of food grade engineered polymers to ensure that it is corrosion free. The Smart Solarz also has intelligent features like protection against dry run and level controls. The pump has a 150W \ 24V BLDC motor. It operates with solar panels of 250W/36V (open circuit). It can be used for water pumping from sump to overhead tank as well as in greenhouses, lawns, gardens, solar powered fountains and for feeding livestock. Smart Solarz is best suited for houses and buildings, which have a ground floor and maximum of two additional floors, in areas where the power supply is poor.

Digital service StruxureOn

Schneider Electric has introduced StruxureOn, a digital service that connects data center physical infrastructure assets to the Schneider Electric cloud enabling the delivery of simplified and faster services. With real-time visibility into system performance, maintenance and service requirements via mobile app, StruxureOn data-driven analytics can proactively advise of potential failures, fundamentally improving the ability to service critical equipment prior to failure. As part of the digital service, Schneider Electric’s service bureau personnel is readily available to remotely troubleshoot an issue or, in cases that can’t be addressed remotely, dispatch a field service representative armed with the necessary information and equipment to quickly resolve the issue and minimise downtime.

i-CM pump from KBL

Kirloskar Canned Motor Pump (i-CM) pump from Kirloskar Brothers Ltd caters to industries such as refrigeration (cold storage), ice plants, chemical and process and windmill. i-CM pumps are mainly used for pumping hazardous fluids such as radioactive coolants, corrosive and noxious liquids (free of suspended solids and particles), liquefied gases, etc. The pump’s compact, lightweight yet sturdy design with less number of components ensures that it minimises assembly and dismantling time and occupies less space. The pump is hailed as a step-up from the conventional mechanical seal pump category, which requires heavy maintenance. It comes with innovative features, such as optimised stator and rotor design, apart from its compact size, 80 per cent lighter body than conventional canned motor pump, and includes seamless stator band, off the shelf terminal box, three in one adapter plate, optimised bearings & sleeves, and improved aesthetics and application base bearing wear monitoring system. Besides, it is known to reduce assembly time by 50 per cent.

NTL Lemnis launches Pharox Aura

NTL Lemnis, has added another innovative product “Pharox Aura Retrofit LED bulb (40W & 50W)” to its product portfolio. This product is an ideal replacement of traditional lighting sources that are used in various places like retail shops & showrooms, commercial spaces and other high ceiling applications. Pharox Aura Retrofit LED lamps can be replaced in the existing bulb holders without any hassle. Its elegant & robust design is suited to Indian power conditions. Aura’s mechanical design provides efficient thermal management thus enhancing the long life of product and the plastic enclosure is flame-retardant (reducing the cause of fire in case of lamp failure). The lamp is backed by cutting edge electronics for safety & reliability.