Tata Power DDL

Tata Power DDL plans mobile transformers

In order to provide uninterrupted power supply during the upcoming summer season and meet with the eventualities, Tata Power Delhi Distribution (Tata Power-DDL) has made an advanced preparation with 39 Mobile Distribution Transformers evenly stationed across its distribution network in North and North West Delhi, a company release said. Read more

YASH takes a step forward towards “Make in India”

Laurent Vlesik (left) and Keyur Shah at the launch of India’s first localized RIP bushing, by Yash High Voltage Insulators

This special story discusses how two like-minded and equally aspiring companies—one local and the other international—joined forces to give India its first localized resin-impregnated paper (RIP) transformer bushing. This story is based on a conversation between Keyur Shah, Managing Director, Yash High Voltage Insulators Pvt Ltd, Laurent Vlesik, Sales & Product Manager – Bushings, MGC Moser-Glaser AG, and Hartmuth Fethke, Senior Technical Expert, Yash High Voltage Insulators Pvt Ltd, with Venugopal Pillai of T&D India, at a recent event.

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Mobile transformers for grid resiliency

Mobile transformers for grid resiliency

Siemens mobile resilience transformers were developed in collaboration with Con Edison as a part of the Siemens Pretact® concept for maximum grid resiliency. Siemens delivered the mobile resilience transformers late last year. They can be transported to the installation site on a truck and will serve as an emergency measure in the event of unplanned outages – like those caused by hurricanes – or for planned outages due to maintenance work. Read more