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We are pleased to introduce to you “T&D India.” a new age publication on the electrical equipment industry. With a plethora of publications already in the market, it might appear that “T&D India” is just one more member being added to the crowd. However, as you read on, you will realize why “T&D India” is different and why it promises to create an identity of its own. The electrical equipment industry has changed significantly over the years. In fact, the quantum of change that the electrical industry has seen over the past five years is much more than it witnessed in the past 30-40 years. The passage of the Electricity Act in 2003 was a defining moment for the Indian electricity sector. This led to a gradual but striking change in the industry. Electricity boards were trifurcated, the open access policy was announced and today, we have the tariff-based bidding mechanism that governs all forms of power procurement.


Conventional trade publications often have traditional content. For a stakeholder in the electrical equipment space, it is never enough to merely keep track of news. Today’s stakeholder—whether a manufacturer or service provider—needs to understand how changes in policy are going to affect his business.

“T&D India” will be a content-rich publication issued on a monthly frequency. It will contain news, new product launches, interviews with leading corporate chiefs, opinion articles, technical articles, orders & contracts, international news, and many other features. More importantly, “T&D India” will help create awareness on changing policy framework and its impact on stakeholders. More than just electrical equipment, “T&D India” will also address newer areas like renewable energy equipment and Smart Grid.

For an advertiser, “T&D India” will be a highly cost-effective medium that will reach the right audience. We understand that the government is the largest purchaser of electrical equipment as much of the power sector is still under government management. Given this, we aim to distribute “T&D India” to government entities, consultants, contractors and other key decision-makers. Government entities will include Central and state power utilities (transcos and discoms), regulatory commissions, etc.

T&D India (May 2017) – Eliminating Multiplicity in Compliance

We invite you to consider sustained advertisement campaigns in “T&D India” We assure you of unmatched exposure at very cost-effective rates.