New Products

Multiple capacities of Liebert eXM

Vertiv, formerly known as Emerson Network Power, today introduced five capacities of highly efficient, next generation, medium power Liebert® eXM uninterruptable power supply (UPS). It is ideal for IT spaces and light industrial applications with medium power requirements looking to achieve lower first costs and ongoing operational savings, greater flexibility and shorter deployment schedules. The three-phase Liebert UPS is now available in India, with fixed capacities of 80kVA/kW, 100kVA/kW, 120kVA/kW, 160kVA/kW and 200kVA/kW, with an optional built-in isolation transformer. Utilizing a modular construction design, the Liebert UPS delivers among the highest efficiency levels for midsize data centers, with operating efficiencies as high as 97 percent in double-conversion mode and as high as 99 percent using energy-saving Eco Mode. Unity power factor operation delivers more capacity in a smaller footprint, increasing system capacity while minimizing cabling and installation costs. It also fully integrates into the comprehensive Vertiv Trellis™ platform solution for data centers and third party BMS systems through the UNITY card and is also compatible with LIFE™ remote monitoring and diagnostic services thus maximizing uptime and minimizing unforeseeable downtime costs.

Microchip unveils SAM R30

The SAM R30 System in Package (SiP), a single-chip RF microcontroller (MCU), is now available from Microchip Technology Inc. The SAM R30 SiP incorporates an ultra-low power microcontroller with an 802.15.4 sub-GHz radio, providing multi-year battery life in a compact 5 mm package. The SAM R30 SiP delivers design flexibility and proven reliability all in a small package, making it ideally suited for connected home, smart city and industrial applications. With the ability to operate within the 769-935 MHz range, the SAM R30 SiP gives developers the flexibility to implement a point-to-point, star or mesh network. Microchip helps developers get started immediately with Microchip’s free MiWi™ point-to-point/star network protocol stack. Mesh networking capabilities will be available later this year. Nodes outfitted with the SiP can be positioned as far as one kilometre apart, with the ability to double the range in a star topology. When used in a mesh network, the SAM R30 delivers reliable wide-area coverage for applications such as street lighting or wind and solar farms

Remote monitoring for wind turbine shafts

SKF India, has announced the launch of its Multilog On-line System – IMx-8 and SKF SRB for wind turbine main shafts. IMx-8 is a compact device, engineered to address the modern day maintenance issues of wind energy industry. The SKF SRB is light weight and has high performance that will improve turbine reliability for sustainable wind energy production offering up to twice the fatigue life, improved robustness and reduce down the cost. The launch of IMx-8 for remote monitoring and SKF SRB for wind turbine main shafts was added to the robust renewable energy portfolio of SKF India. SKF’s integrated service offerings comprises of precise products, remote diagnostic services, data analysis and solutions for the wind energy industry. This will result in early fault detection, improvise the availability and performance of rotating equipment with automatic advice for correcting existing or impending conditions.

Data cable coupler from Lapp

Lapp Group has newly launched EPIC® Data Cable Coupler that is a cost-effective solution to repair physically damaged data cables which ensure a minimal production shutdown. It makes use of insulation displacement contacts (IDC) technology and requires no special tooling, a product note from Lapp said. EPIC® data cable coupler‘s robust industrial design and construction ensures it is EMC shielded for no loss of signal quality. The data cable coupler can be reused. It is a product that every maintenance repair officer (MRO) should have it handy to restore the problem and ensure the production starts within no time. The product is available in 2 versions – EPIC® DATA CCR FA for Industrial Ethernet cables up to 10Gigabit, Cat. 7A and EPIC® DATA CANCCR for PROFIBUS/CAN BUS/Sensor actuator cables. EPIC® data cable coupler is IP65/67 protected and vibration-proof. It is available in 5 pins and 8 pins that can resist ambient operational temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C. Application areas include repair kit for breaks in network data cable; connecting two network data cables; extending existing cable system; connecting shielded cables up to 5 cores and 8 cores, etc.

New fan series from Usha

New fan series from Usha

Usha International, one of India’s leading consumer durables company, launches two new models EX7 and EX9 in its flagship automotive inspired E-series fans range. Both the models have ‘Automotive Paint’ finish, high torque motor and Aerodynamic blades that offer silent operation and high air delivery. Read more

New features to PRISM platform

New features to PRISM platformTektronix, Inc., an industryleading innovator of video test and monitoring solutions, today released a series of enhancements to PRISM, the industry’s first softwarebased hybrid IP and SDI media analysis platform. The new features added to the PRISM platform include support for important industry specifications and help engineers boost IP video network quality, conquer integration and operations challenges and perform deep-dive analysis for troubleshooting. The platform is now also available in a 1RU form factor for use with external displays to complement the current 3RU product which has a built-in display. Read more

Omron introduces new FA control devices

Omron introduces new FA control devicesOmron has recently introduced the third wave of factory automation (FA) control devices built on a common design platform. This is to ensure unified product specifications, for further innovation in control panel building.

Based on a wide range of products, Omron has been continuing to work for the innovation of making control panels which house and control FA devices on the production front line. Omron unified the design and size of FA devices, and introduced products which are built with the company’s proprietary wiring technology “Push-In Plus Terminal Block.” The technology is primarily used for device and control panel makers in need of “downsizing and space-saving” of FA devices and control panels, “expedited delivery” and “response to globalization,” a release from Omron said. Read more